Things to do with kids in Penang

For almost six months, we’ve been living on our sailing yacht, Zinc, in islands off Sumatra in Indonesia. However, this past week, Willow and I were back on the land. We travelled (the normal way, by plane) to Penang for a number of reasons, one of which was to buy Weetbix (a specialty Australian breakfast cereal). Obviously, this was not the main reason for our travel. Anyway, between errands, we managed to fit in the following kid-friendly activities:

Penang Hill

Verdict: Very good. We’d visit again.

Sure, the place is tourist central. Sure, the fabulous view was marred by smog. But, we had a lovely time nonetheless. The funicular train ride was breathtaking. The Owl Museum was quirky. The playground was the best we’ve seen this year (but remember, we live on a yacht in rural Indonesia). The golf buggy tour was a novelty.

Well-worth a visit.

Owl Museum at Penang Hill

Owl Museum at Penang Hill

Tropical Fruit Farm, Penang

Verdict: Good. We’d probably visit again.

This guided farm tour was –

  • educational (“fruit grows on trees, kids”),
  • interesting (have you heard of Miracle Fruit?), and
  • interactive (you get to taste a variety of tropical fruits and a juice of your choice at the end of the tour).

Furthermore, the surrounds are stunning.

Worth a visit.

Resting on a fig tree

Resting on a fig tree

Penang Butterfly Farm

Verdict: OK/Good. One visit was enough.

OK, so there were loads of butterflies and loads of other interesting exhibits (not all butterfly-related, unless you know something about Mandarin Ducks that I don’t), but I was a little disappointed. Perhaps because this place just wasn’t as good as the butterfly farm in Phuket, which I absolutely adore. Why? I’m not exactly sure, but it was something to do with the “vibe”. The Penang Butterfly Farm was busy and felt cramped. I kept running into people on the paths. There were traffic jams and bottle necks. It just wasn’t the calm, relaxing experience I was expecting; the type of experience I’ve returned to the butterfly farm in Phuket for, again and again.

Worth a visit.

Penang Butterfly Farm

Penang Butterfly Farm

Penang Toy Museum 

Verdict: Disappointing. One visit was one too many.

This place advertises itself as Wax Museum + Toy Museum + Heritage Garden + Carnivorous Plant Garden. The museums, fine. There were four (or was it five?) rows of cabinets containing wax sculptures and toys. Though, for some reason, I thought there would be an interactive element; stuff you could play with. But, no.

Penang Toy Museum

Penang Toy Museum

As for the gardens, below is a photo of the two gardens. I can’t even see one. Nevertheless, apparently this is the extent of the Heritage Garden and the Carnivorous Plant Garden. Seriously.

Don’t bother visiting.

Heritage Garden and Carnivorous Plant Garden

Heritage Garden and Carnivorous Plant Garden

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